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This blog is about spotting VW Beetles in films and shows, with some added trivia too.

It's also about remembering my Dad, who delighted in shouting out "Beetle!" whenever one made an appearance. 

There are many ways to remember one's parents after they have gone. Anniversaries, places visited as a family, photos or pictures that capture a moment in time from long ago. Occasionally there are other more random triggers - some from unexpected sources - something quirky or seemingly unrelated to anything in particular. For me there’s a fond reminder of my Dad that crops up quite often when I’m watching films. For some unknown and long forgotten reason, when he spotted a VW Beetle in the background of a film we would be watching he announced its presence by quickly saying “Beetle!” It wasn’t a competition - no-one else was trying to spot one first in some sort of game - he just said it every time he saw one. He always did this - even when we were older - it was simply something he did. 

Of course whenever I see a Beetle in a movie, I say it out loud too. Even if I’m by myself. If I’m at the cinema I’ll still do it but quietly, under my breath. It’s daft and completely meaningless. Except I suppose it isn’t. It’s an ongoing connection with my father - a gentle reminder of his silly side; something that just for a brief moment reunites us.  Hardly a family tradition, but both my children are aware of this oddity, so I’ve decided to collect some examples for posterity - and to add some film trivia for good measure. Who knows, when I’m long gone they may find this blog and possibly keep one eye out for any bugs lurking in an old movie they are watching?

If you happen to stumble across the blog and have spotted a Beetle in a film, then drop me a line so I can add it to the collection. You might even catch the bug yourself!

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