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Double trouble for Elvis

Beetles and Beatles

Cinema's one and only Beetle v Beetle car chase (in fact there are 3 Beetles involved in the sequence) occurred in the otherwise forgettable film Double Trouble. It's hardly Bullitt, but it still has a few nifty moves.

The film, an Elvis vehicle (pardon the pun), was based in Europe but the whole affair was shot at MGM in Culver City. Strangely the original idea was for Julie Christie to have the starring role, but after being re-written it went to Presley instead.

An unhappy Elvis stormed out of the recording session for the soundtrack album, having been asked to sing a version of Old MacDonald. In stark contrast The Beatles' Sgt Pepper album was released the day after Double Trouble.

Elvis was of course a famous collector of cars - particularly well known for the Pink Cadillac he gave to his Mother. (He also gave a sports car to his Double Trouble co-star Annette Day). But I guess he couldn't help falling in love with a Beetle. He owned a red late 50's model whilst stationed with the US Army in Germany - gifting it to his karate instructor when he returned to the States.


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